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SEO Wind is a leading PPC agency that focuses on your business's success. We help you to improve your conversions, traffic to your website. Our PPC specialists can help your business to get the best ROI. With hundreds of campaigns managed and a customers retention rate of 91%, We are the choice for PPC services in the World.

Build, launch, and handle new Ads campaigns

Optimize existing ad campaigns for better execution

Increase leads and sales from search engines

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Video Advertising

Video Advertising is the process where you can your video content online on other video platforms. This video shows in video streams usually before or after and that is understood as pre-roll, mid-roll & post-roll, or standalone ads.

PPC Remarketing

Use this PPC remarketing service to connect with an audience who previously visited or interacted with your website. That service helps you to target ads to call your user to assemble a purchase.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising is the most useful way to engage more audience for a website, social media, or another online marketing platform. In this, we use text-based, image, or video advertisements that encourage the audience to click through to a landing page and take action.

How Do P.P.C Ads Work

Let us make you understand in an easier way. A user always visits websites that are on top of search results. Now, advertisers pay money to Google to show any individual website on the top of the search page. Payment deducts per click. For example, If your budget is Rs.600. And for each click, you have to pay like Rs.60. Then you will obtain 100 viewers to your website.


This stands for how P.P.C Ads work. Also, there is different bidding amount for various industry. It is always based on the search volume of that particular keyword. However, the goal of S.E.O & P.P.C Ads is the same. Though in S.E.O your website ranks high without promotion. If you are willing to pay some amount for leads the P.P.C Ads are your you.


Why you should contact us for PPC services in Dehradun

We professionally optimize ads by expertise and generate the best ROI to deliver the quality of conversion rates. Our team of PPC management works with the latest tools Google Ads Editor for satisfactory results and also assures the budget allocated.

As an India-based PPC Marketing Company, we believe that a brand should connect with its audience and clients.


Pay Per Click marketing helps you to reach your target audience through your online presence as well as the targeted audience who are interested in your brand. Our PPC management specialist helps you to build your online presence for your brand with high-intent search volume keywords. We will increase your brand awareness, impressions, reach, and sales? Google AdWords & Social media platforms are one of the most useful ways to lead generation opportunities with ROI tracking services.


If you are looking for the best PPC Company in Dehradun that manages your complete campaign for your business then we can help you with that. We provide you each everything about your PPC services and you will also get a dedicated campaign manager who will manage each and everything. That manager listens to your queries and develops a new scenario related to your queries and keeps you up to date with the success of your campaign.